About Us

Art is about celebrating and remembering the diversity and universality of human expression. It is amazing how the art can unite people across the globe, no matter where they are from, as it transcends cultural differences and captures something of what it means to be uniquely human.
In this regard, Anahita Art Collection has been created to support art lovers by providing the chance to get familiar with original and prints of Persian fine arts and artists.
Anahita Art Collection is an online art gallery for portraying artworks aiming to familiarize the world with Persian art style. It aims to gain worldwide fame and trust through providing easy access to the artworks, international presence and attending social networks.

Anahitacollection Supports Art Lovers

- You can be informed of the latest artworks created by the prominent artists.
- Anahita Art Collection provides easy access to the updated news and art researches
- You can have access to a variety of artworks in different fields of visual arts
- Bought works can be returned just one day after their shipment
- We guarantee the originality of the artworks you buy
You can enjoy the easy access to Persian artworks without facing any problem at our online gallery. Wherever you are invited to go to www.anahitacollection.co.uk and search for your desired artworks, and after evaluation, click and buy your preferred work of art:
Art is a supreme way to express ourselves, be creative, relieve stress and just enjoy ourselves, so it is a shame when you see how much talent there is that remains untapped due to lack of proper opportunity. Anahita Art Collection has decided to create that chance for the art lovers to shine in different fields of visual arts.

Anahitacollection Supports Talented Artists

- Artists can take orders for creating customised and unique works
- Providing chance for artists to get connected to the buyers and haggle over the price
- Cooperating with artists and helping them attend the galleries, exhibitions and auctions
- Connecting artists directly to the global art lovers, art collectors and galleries
- Finding the artists across the globe and support them
Anahita Art Collection tries to help the artists broaden their horizons through accessing the information they need, like how to set the proper price, how to find the audience, how to sell and how to attend the galleries and auctions.
Anahita Art Collection believes society will be filled with happiness and joy if art is progressing and artists have the chance to flourish. Clearly, there is no joy that can compare to that of the enjoyment of good music, art, drama, and other literature. After all, these are the recordings of the human experience and all who view them, so Anahita Art Collection aims to bring this joy to the hearts and souls.

Holding Online Exhibition

Anahita Art Collection  supports the art auctions, galleries, contests and exhibitions through providing the best facilities for showing all works online and informing the art lovers about these events.
As Joseph Conrad (1857–1924) wrote, "Meaning depends upon sharing," and communication with others and self-expression through the fine arts is truly what gives people meaning and spiritual nourishment in their lives, and Anahita Art Collection has decided to give the artists and art lovers the chance to communicate with people all across the globe through their artworks.